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Healthcare is one of the most important activities in the Health Sciences Technology Park. On the one hand, the incorporation of cutting-edge technology has made the HSTP healthcare centres a reference point in Andalusia. On the other, collaboration between the healthcare area and the research centres and companies in the Park generates a unique added value that makes the Health Sciences Technology Park the heart of biosanitary innovation in southern Europe.


San Cecilio Hospital

Among its modern facilities, there are 700 rooms, 26 operating theatres, 132 consulting rooms and the heliport on the roof. Its innovative design and flexible environment helps improve the health of the population by providing specialised, highly-qualified, complex healthcare services.

The specialities of the hospital are: Nuclear Medicine, Vascular Surgery, Cardiology, the Digestive Tract, Pneumonia, Oncology, Radiation Therapy, Biotechnology, Anatomic Pathology and Diagnostic Radiology.


Granada Institute of Forensic Medicine

This Institute houses the forensic pathology service, the clinical forensic medicine service, the forensic laboratory, and it is the home of the teaching and research commission and the management and administration services.

It also collaborates with the National Toxicology Institute, a benchmark for laboratory studies and clinical practice in Andalusia, and the Centre of Excellence for forensic research in the region. It unifies and promotes scientific study and specialised training in the forensic sciences in Andalusia


Public Health Emergency Company

The Public Health Emergency Company is based in the CMAT, where Andalusia’s biggest and best-equipped Emergency Coordination Centre is located. The Centre is designed for high availability, able to function 24 hours a day, even in the face of component failure. This is also the base of Granada’s 061 emergency phone service, which coordinates health emergencies.


HSTP Health Centre

Located in the HSTP Business Centre complex, the HSTP Health Centre is for medical and healthcare professionals. The building also houses the Advanced Integrated Dentistry Institute (IOIA).