A four-axis Ecosystem

The Health Technology Park is conceptually built on four axes that promote knowledge transfer. The axis Teaching , endowed by the University of Granada in its specialties of Sciences of Health, the Research axis, made up of both the research bodies of the University, like the Andalusian Health System, is complemented by public and private entities dedicated to research in Health Sciences, the axis Business development aims to generate economic and social value through its business activity, and the axis of Healthcare is unique in technology parks.


The Transference

The ecosystem is formed by the four axes that nourish and are fed by it. The axis Teaching provides the talent ecosystem and takes information from it to improve quality of training responding to training needs. The axis Research provides the ecosystem with knowledge generated by its own activity and is nurtured talent and knowledge needs generated in the ecosystem. The axis Business development provides solutions to problems in the field of Health , and draws on the knowledge and talent of the ecosystem. Finally, the axis of Healthcare adds the direct application of talent, solutions and knowledge generated, and nourishes the ecosystem with the needs that guide the activity of the rest of the axes.